Skilled professionals that can make almost anything out of balloons! On demand requests are always granted.

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Perfect for schools, libraries, festivals, birthday parties, and more! Each program lasts 45-60 minutes and features several live animals. They are customized for the location and age group. After each presentation, there is plenty of time for questions and photographs.

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We have a wide variety of bounce houses and water slides! Large or small we have just what you are looking for! All bounce house prices are inclusive with all day service. Bounce house services will require an electrical outlet. If there is no outlet available, additional fees for a rentable generator may be applied.

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We offer a wide variety of costumer characters such as: 

  • Big Head Characters
  • Clowns
  • Costume Characters
  • Mimes
  • Vocalist and Tally-grams
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Super Heros 
  • Fairies 
  • Mermaids 
  • Impersonators 
  • Princesses 

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DJ Sleepy can amp up any party with their wide variety of music! Family friendly, clean fun for all ages! They keep kids and adults moving no matter where they are!

From bands to solo acts, we have amazingly talented musicians that are ready to make your party or event memorable! These family friendly acts are sure to be a big hit!

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Trained professional artists utilizing elite quality professional grade paints, make ups, glitters, powders, and gems. The possibilities for custom designs are endless! All paints and make ups are FDA compliant.

Black light paint parties are fun for all ages! Trained Professional face painters make customized designs specified to any and all requests. These special paints glow brightly in the black light! Its amazing to see and even more amazing to wear! All paints, powders, glitters and gems are FDA compliant

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Highly skilled and trained professionals will leave you in awe from their shows! Jaw dropping performances full of danger and excitement are a crowd pleaser every time.


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Our Party Pix Booth is the only mobile green screen both in Tallahassee. Skilled professional technicians have made it possible to take a pic, impose a background of your choice and instant message it to your email within 7 minutes! Our green screen technicians have worked in special effects to augmented photography, so you’ll be sure to get a truly unrivaled product

Our Black Light Photo Booth is the only one of its kind in the NATION! First, get black light painted! Second, put on black light costumes and accessories. Third, Take a pic in our completely blacked out photo booth lit by nothing but large black lights! We then instant message your pic to your email in 7 minutes or less!

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Amazingly talented artists create a custom drawing of YOU in 4-5 minutes! We have the very best quick sketch artists around! From portraits to caricatures the possibilities are endless!

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Trained professionals have dedicated themselves to wowing the crowds with their amazing abilities! Our stilt walkers can make balloon animals or juggle while towering 9 feet over their audience!

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Henna Tattoos

  • Trained professional artists utilizing high quality henna paste can create any design desired weather it be large or small. Very popular with teenagers and adults. Henna tattoos can last for up to two weeks. This art form is not recommended for children under the age of 10.

Glitter Tattoos

  • Trained professionals utilizing professional grade body glue, stencils and glitters can make your party extra SPARKLY! Guests may choose their favorite stencil and colors. Glitter tattoos stay on for up to 5 days. Glitter tattoos may be applied to any part of the body but do not recommend glitter tattoos for the face. Fun for all ages!

Airbrush Tattoos

  • Trained professionals utilizing the top brands of face and body paints in the industry using a variety of beautiful stencils. Children and adults may pick which stencil and colors they like to create a customized look that can last for up to 3 days! Some air brush paint is even WATER RESISTANT making it perfect for pool parties! All paints are FDA compliant

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A wax mold of your own hand! Guests may chose their favorite colors and any positioning of their hand. We can also do praying hands, holding hands and baby’s feet.

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Hair With Flair

  • Trained professionals provide beautiful, colorful and FUN hair designs utilizing professional brand sprays and accessories. We can match theme parties by transforming your guests hair to match their favorite character!


  • Trained professional jugglers can amaze you and your guests with their precision and skill!


  • Magic show fun for all ages. Interactive shows that are sure to impress.

Trolley Cars

  • Our custom made trolley is perfect for children ages 9 and under to ride on. It features two bench seats and two individual seats for total seating of up to 8 children at once. It is pulled by a golf cart with our “conductor” in the drivers seat. Our trolley is licensed and insured. We also provide fun, family-friendly music and instruments to play while they ride.

Baby Belly Painting

  • Trained professional artists can make your baby experience extra special with a custom designed painting right on your baby bump! Most families have this amazing artistry done and then have a photo shoot afterwards to capture memories that will last a lifetime. All paints, gems, powders and make ups are FDA compliant, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for mom and baby.

Puppet Shows

  • Our puppet shows are not only entertaining but also educational for children of all ages. They are interactive and musical. Written by teachers in Leon County to send positive messages to the youth of our community.

Pendulum Art

  • Three individually interconnected pendulums: Fame, Fortune, and Family – are guided by your imagination to create truly individual reflections of ones aspirations and dreams.

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